Ea Quae Legit (eaquaelegit) wrote in thelatinlink,
Ea Quae Legit


Okay, I'm a bit slower than I promised, and for that I apologize. I was attempting to find an online vocabulary listing that would run with the lessons I'm typing.

Since I learned from the text "Wheelock's Latin," that is how I am teaching you folks. And today I managed to find an online resource for that text. It's a great site.

So, each lesson I will post a link to the specific vocab list for the chapter we are working on.

Chapter One - First Congjugation Verbs You'll note that there is more than just verbs here. Learn the other words too, please. You'll need them later.

Also, THIS is the page where you can find all the chapters. THIS is the parent page where you can find drills and exercises for your vocab learning. Explore a bit. I'll be sure to tell you what chapter we are on as we go.
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