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After Two Months of Baited Breath...

Well, thank you all for your patience. I know, I know, it's been a while and I'm a bad mod. But nonetheless, here is the second half of the Second Declension. The first half is Masculine, and the second half is Neuter.

That's right, there are actually TWO declensions in the Second declension. Weird, eh? So when I talk about Second Declension nouns, they can be either Neuter OR Masculine.

These are the Masculine nouns and adjectives.

Neuter - parvum donum
Nom. - parvum donum (a little gift)
Gen. - parvi doni (of a little gift)
Dat. - parvo dono (to/for a little gift)
Acc. - parvum donum (a little gift)
Abl. - parvo dono (with/by/from a little gift)
Voc. - parvum donum (O little gift!)

Nom. - parva dona (the little gifts)
Gen. - parvorum donorum (of the little gifts)
Dat. - parvis donis (to/for the little gifts)
Acc. - parva dona (the little gifts)
Abl. - parvis donis (with/by/from the little gifts)
Voc. - parva dona (O little gifts!)

You can see that the Neuter Plural nominative, accusative, and vocative look suspiciously similar to the First Declension singular forms, don't they? This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to memorize not just the word, but which declension it is.

So, be good little discipuli and memorize your vocab for me. Tomorrow I will give you some more grammar and some excercises to go with.

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